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Age of Sparta Hack

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The AGE OF SPARTA is here! This is not just a game, this is war! It is time for us to destroy and conquer our way to victory! Men and gods will unite to protect the ancient greece from the invasion of Xerxes. Do you think Greece will surrender? Never! Let the war begin!

Age of Sparta is the new addictive and compelling strategy game with thousands of players to form an alliance with or to destroy. Choose upon the different Gods with its unique powers and skills from Zeus’s thunderous might and Hades’ dark wrath to defeat your enemies in the battlefield. This game has legions of mythical monsters and beasts. Uncover their powers and unleash their wrath to strengthen your unit. This new strategy game has amazing combat scenes and excellent graphics that will take your imaginations in different levels.

Customize your city

Design not only a magnificent city but also an effective one. You have the power to choose barrack and monuments and other essential buildings so make sure that it impenetrable. Also, don’t forget to put temples and shrines because these will honor the gods and it will help strengthen your attacks.

Form an unstoppable force

Make a strong bond with other players and friends via the in-game chat. Alliance is important if you want to win a war. They will assist you in the battlefield and you have access to their powers and skills.

Choose your monsters

Pick a monster or other mythical creatures that will strengthen your troops. Each monster has different powers and it is better to choose one based on your strategy. It doesn’t always have to be the big and mighty one. Sometimes the small ones are what you need to win the battle.


Don’t forget to upgrade regularly to increase the powers of your God and monsters. This will ensure the total use of their skills especially during battle.

If you love Clash of clans and Game of war then this is the game for you. It’s the combination of both only better!

It is time to defend Greece, It’s time for war!


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