AlphaBetty Saga Hack and Cheats

Alphabetty Saga is finally here! This is the newest word game which will challenge your mind and skills in the epic quest to collect new words and complete the Encyclopedia of Everything! This fun game is created by King who is also the maker of Candy Crush Sage and Farm Heroes Saga so you can expect exciting twists and challenging quests! This game is unlike the other boggle, word search and word find games, it is just as hard to put down as the Candy Crush.

Come and join the journey to the far areas of the mouse world and discover amazing adventure. The mouse world is full of exotic lands with bright and colorful graphics but be ready to complete tasks as you go along but don’t worry because you will not be alone! Professor Alpha, Better and their friend Barney will help you along the way. Also, don’t forget to collect special characters on your travels because this will help you in your quests. Throughout the game you will encounter mousetraps and creeping vines that will hinder you from completing the tasks so be very careful.

AlphaBetty Hack

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I am sure you are familiar with word games but this amazing game is in another level! Familiarize yourself with this new features:

Letter tiles will fill the game board and players must link together the letters to spell out words. String together the letters in any direction, up, down, diagonally or even multiple directions at once. Like other word games, the bigger or complex the word, the higher the score given to the player. But since this is a King game, there are few twists in the game.

There are powerful boosters to help you crack challenging levels so be vigilant throughout the game. There are several boosters, unlock them and it will provide unique characters with special abilities to help you along the way.

During the game, you will encounter some tiles that are marked with tiny crown. Use this to your advantage especially if you back yourself into a corner! Spell a word using this marked letter will help you complete objectives. It will be better if you have crowned letters all the time right? Well guess what? you can make them appear yourself! All you have to do is spell four-letter words and a crown will fall down right onto a random tile. It’s that easy!

There are special purple letters that can blast an entire row or if arrows point both directions, you can blast a row and a column. Pretty awesome right?! You can get more of that awesomeness using our AlphaBetty Saga Hack.

If you get to a level where you can’t make out any words, don’t be scared to try out odd words. There is no penalty for lining up a word that is not really a word. Who knows? You might just get lucky!

When you don’t beat a level you will lose one life. You can however keep five lives at any given time and lives will regenerate with time. If you need just one life it comes back in about 15 minutes but the timing builds out for more lives.

Worried about waiting and limited number of lives? Well we have a cheat that will enable you to regenerate lives right away! NO MORE WAITING! UNLIMITED LIVES! With this cheat, you can complete levels faster!

Alphabetty Saga Cheats is free to download. So what are you waiting for? Let the journey begin!