Criminal Case Hack and Cheats

Do you love watching crime scene series? Do you enjoy solving crimes? Do you want to challenge your detective skills? Then this game is just right for you!

Criminal Case is a free hidden object game played by solving murder cases. As a player you will be the detective and you will help the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of murder cases. Players will investigate gruesome, bloody murder scenes that includes dead bodies and severed limbs. The graphics are amazing that the crime scene will look like a real life crime scene. Find out some clues on the scenes, bring suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch the real killer on the loose. This game is so addicting you will find yourself playing it for hours! Play it with your friends or family! Make new friends by playing with strangers all over the world and find out who is the best detective among your group. This game involves graphic scenes and easy-to-follow but very intriguing narrative of every case. It is an awesome game that will make you feel good for bringing justice to the victims of the crime!

Criminal Case Hack Tool Download

Download Criminal Case Cheat Tool Below:

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Just like a real life police officer, you will also have to start from the beginning. You will first become a rookie and work in a team with David Jones. The players will score once they find the object or the clue to solve the case. In every case that you solve, you will earn the star. This star will be your “currency” which can be used in other related works that will help finish a case. You will use this star for autopsies of the body of the victim, laboratory analysis of evidences and interviewing witnesses.

Simple tricks to win the game:

– Solve forensic kits in less than a minute because this will give you 7-8 energy.
– Solve your cases faster to maximize your energy. Make sure that you will receive 5 stars in the crime scene.
– Play regularly to get your daily bonus and for you cop to get meals.

As I’ve said, once you start the game, you will get hooked and you will not want to stop. But what happens if you run out of stars and energy? These two items are important in the game because it will enable you to move on the next level and solve more cases. What if you get stocked in the level and you don’t have a choice but to wait for the energy or worst, you have to purchase and use your real money?

We understand that it is frustrating that you have to wait for the next day to complete new levels or to have to use your hard earned money for app purchases but WORRY NO MORE! We are going to give you simple Criminal Case TRICKS and HACKS that will give you UNLIMITED STARS and you can play UNLIMITED LEVELS. No need to wait! No need to purchase! We have an app that will provide you with as much energy and star you need to solve your crime scenes! Try it now and start challenging your detective skills! Bring justice to the city of Grimsborough!

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