Dude Perfect 2 Hack and Cheats

The hottest Youtube channel with more than 600 million views, Dude Perfect is back! If you thought that their tricks were amazing before then you are going to love this upgraded version of the game! The most addicting shot challenge you can find in the market! It has new epic challenges that will get you to play for hours! Dude Perfect Team is best known for it’s videos on youtube. They have insanely complicated, mind-blowing trick shots involving different sports like basketballs, footballs and every kind of ball game you could imagine. Not only are the tricks complicated but the challenge is also in a crazy and outlandish settings! Talk about CRAZY right?! But when you start the game, you won’t be able to stop! Fair Warning though…you might want to hold on your phone more tightly because some levels will leave you wanting to throw your phone away. Yes it is that addicting and that Frustrating!

Dude Perfect 2 Hack Tool Download
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Now, I know it is really amazing watching Dude Perfect videos all day but wouldn’t it be better if you get to play along these crazy challenges?! Well, you can! Dude Perfect 2 game will let you play as one of the Dude Perfect Crew, experience the game as Tyler, Cody, Garrett, Cory, Coby and the greatest mascot, Panda and it’s free! You can use this app from Miniclip to recreate some of the fun on your smartphone. This game has 90 amazing levels from three different worlds that are so crazy you will love it! This app will also enable you to be updated with Dude Perfect’s newest videos so you not only get to play the game but also watch their videos!

Blow up stuff, amazing rotating dunks, jumping like crazy on trampoline or even float on parachutes, these are just some of the tricks you get to play in Dude Perfect 2. The graphics are so stunningly real plus it has real life sound effects in addition to the amazing artworks and new animations. This game is fun for the family as well. Show off your trick shots and play against your friends and family even strangers all over the world. It’s a great way to make new friends while playing an amazing game!

Here are some tips for the game:

When you find yourself trapped and you need help, call in air support to drop dozens of basketballs to the field of play to ensure your win.

You can unlock some free items in the game. Just go to the Mini Games section and the choose your daily reward for playing the game. This reward comes handy during tough time in the game so make sure that you collect these rewards.

Take advantage of the Lucky Panda game because the first time you play will be free. By playing Lucky Panda, you can earn free coins, cash and power ups. But be careful because if you turn up the stop card, you will lose all of your current prizes.

However, you will have to spend real money on in-games items in app purchases just like any other game. The purchases will range from 2 dollars to 16 dollars. This is such a bummer right? Especially if you are in critical levels or you want to unlock the next set of levels. We know that it is so frustrating for gamers to spend real money on app games but WORRY NO MORE because we can help you gain UNLIMITED COINS, CASH and UNLIMITED POWER UPS!

Yes, we can help you play ALL the levels for FREE! You won’t have to worry about the energy level especially if you are trying 3 stars. We will give you UNLIMITED ENERGY without watching Ads that will just crash your game. NO MORE ADS, UNLIMITED COINS AND UNLIMITED CASH!

So what are you waiting for. Start the game and get hooked with this new addicting Dude Perfect 2 Game!

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