Wristband Gamer Powerbank

Tired of running out of battery power in the middle of a game?

I like to play. Sometimes I forget time and just keep rushing through the levels of some ridiculously old school console game.
But then I get a reminder – my battery goes low! What a Bummer!

I do have a power bank but it’s kinda bulky to carry around. And if I want to keep playing, very inconvenient to hold. I started surfing the web for a better solution, for a wearable powerbank. This whole “Wearable Electronics” market is quite huge by now, and I figured they should have something in store that fits my need. Like a wristband maybe, so I don’t have to hold it and have both hands free for playing.

Then I found the Wristband Gamer Powerbank

When I first saw the Maze Wristband Gamer Powerbank Battery Charger on Amazon, I thought: this looks like just what I was searching for. And it even looks kinda cool. Soft rubber, big press buttons and LEDs that would light up and indicate the loading level. It has a rough and futuristic look to it. Something Darth Vader would wear. And even though he is with the dark side – he got style!

I like to play République on my Samsung S6 using the Bluetooth NFC Gamepad. Love it. And now, you will always see me with my black Maze Wristband Gamer Powerbank wristband. My friends were curious at first  – “What is this thing?” Then they became jealous of my hi-tech bracelet, now most of them have their own. Guess I kicked off a trend.

Never Run Out Of Juice Again

Maze Wristband Powerbank Features:

  • 3000mAh capacity enough to prolong your battery life from several hours to days (depending on usage)
  • Adjustable wristband to fit any wrist size
  • Works with a large number of phones and gaming devices (before you buy, make sure yours is on the list!)
  • Push button LED indicators show when your phone’s been fully charged, and when you should recharge the wristband
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Review - Naomi Wade

The Maze Exclusive Bracelet Power Bank is genius.
Even though the bracelet is a pretty large size, my kids love it! They use it to keep their tablets charged when playing games so that they do not have to stay near a wall outlet. I have also used the bracelet power bank to charge my phone on the go when I don’t have my purse around.
The bracelet is black in color and while it does not say on the box, I believe it is made out of a silicone/rubbery material.
It is water resistant and very flexible with grips located on the underside of the bracelet.
The power bank has 4 LED lights that let you know how much charge you have left available before needing to recharge the bracelet itself. To check this you just push the button once and it will light up. To charge your device, make sure the device is attached by the cord and you hold the button down for 5 seconds…it will automatically connect and start charging.
It has a 3000mAh Capacity, 5V 2A output and weighs only 4.23 ounces. Includes a bracelet, instructions, a USB to Micro USB cable and a Micro USB to Micro USB cable.

Review - Cherie

Great portable power bank. I have used this at every baseball game. It doesn’t have to be worn but you can!!! Absolutely love it

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